Friday, October 30, 2009

Wow, Talk About Support!

There has been an out-pouring of support! I cannot believe how many people are involved now. Actually I can believe it since Tina is such an amazing person, who wouldn't want to help?

A Facebook group has been started for Tina, "We've Got Your Back Tina". Please join by visiting this site: We've Got Your Back Tina. In less than 24 hours, 150 have joined! A huge thanks goes to Nicole Jennings who started this group.

Please leave comments to let me know you've come to this site.

If you're in Austin, you've got to go to Pluckers on Thursdays. I want there to be a line out the door. = )


  1. Hey !! This is Nicole & Alyssa, We are here and we hear you loud and clear!! Help is happening!! We Love Tina and her family and friends, and our family and friends!! Alyssa spent the whole day working on some more fundraising and by the time i got home membership and support for tina nearly Tripled!! Such a beautiful thing to see!! We Love you!!

  2. We are all with you tina! I am so glad that Nicole & Alyssa have started this for you....and that you have such AMAZING friends and family to have fundraisers and support you in every way they can.
    I hope you are healing every day! xo

  3. Once gmail says Anne, but it's me, Jennifer! Hope we are in Philadelphia together next time!