Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ugh, Surgery

While Tina was in the hospital earlier this week, the doctors made a discovery. She was getting an MRI done to check on the nerves in her lower extremities to figure out what was causing the pain. They found that she has fractured her right hip. Oddly enough, this is not what's causing the pain, but it's a good thing that they caught it now because it's not displaced.

They scheduled surgery for Saturday. I got to talk to her just before she went in yesterday. She sounded good, not nervous at all. My mom said it went very well. The docs put in three pins to make sure it's fully stable. The last time, when she fractured her left hip, she was up in one day walking. This time the recovery will be a little longer, but they should release her in about three days.

I do have to say, the title of this blog is really true, lots of ups and downs lately. Hopefully we'll be able to stay away from the latter. There's a homonymal joke (yes, I just made up that word) in there about ladders and elevators, but I'll leave that one alone.

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