Sunday, January 24, 2010


Tina was at the hospital on Friday. Instead of getting chemo, they gave her fluids and some IV pain medication. They are holding off on the chemo to see if she can get into MD Anderson soon for the trials and second opinions. If they don't hear by Monday or Tuesday about a date to go, they will start chemo back up until they hear from MD Anderson.

She is going to get a PET Scan on Tuesday to check out the status of the cancer. She has a follow up with the surgeon to have the stictches taken out and for him to check the site.

I'll give more updates after the PET scan results come in.

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  1. Thanks for the updates. I have an ex-professor that is currently in trials at MD Anderson for leukemia. He just recently got a stem cell transplant or donation. I hear it is a wonderful place for battling cancer! We are all behind Tina 100%... her cheering section is HUGE!