Tuesday, April 6, 2010

94.3 The Point...Great Radio Station!

Wedding plans have been coming along slowly but surely. Tina had some things that were taken care of already, such as picking out bridesmaids dresses, her colors, and the best part, her wedding dress. Last week, she found out that after she paid her deposit on the dress, the store, Enzo's, closed its doors taking her deposit with them and had never even ordered the dress from the manufacturer. Since so many other women went through the same situation, the Asbury Park Press picked up on it. You can read the full story HERE, featuring Tina.

The story from the Asbury Park Press was then picked up by a New Jersey radio station, 94.3 The Point. They asked her to be on the morning show today. I'm hoping to have a recording of it to post so you all can hear it. An incredibly generous man, Maurice Payami with Castle Couture, was also on the air and offered to donate a dress. People have been so giving with their time, money and services that someone else had already offered to buy the dress for Tina. Instead of taking back any offer, he is donating $2000 to whatever she needs for the wedding. He has also extended an offer to all of the other brides who were caught in this same situation. They can go to his store with proof that they put down a deposit at Enzo's and that will go towards a dress as his store, Castle Couture. Don't quote me on this; that is what I understood to be his offer from the radio interview. For details on his store and contact information, you can go to Castle Courture's site.

Although so many people have been incredibly kind and forthcoming, there are still a lot of medical bills to pay and a wedding is definitely not cheap. We are set to launch the big fundraiser next Wednesday, April 14. It's a raffle for a four-day, three-night cruise for two to the destination of your choice. The room has an ocean view and it's fully upgradable to add more days or more guests. All details will follow next Wednesday, but in the meantime, let your friends and family know so they can get their paypal accounts and checkbooks ready. :)

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  1. Hi Jennifer - this is Rhonda, the wedding planner in NJ that reached out to you last month. I wanted to give you an update: I brought Tina's situation to the attention of the NJ Branch of the Association of Bridal Consultants (NJ-ABC), and we - as a group - are going to be sponsoring Tina and Paul's wedding! We are still finalizing all of the details, but for more information, go to www.bit.ly/cVL8CV. I'll make sure to keep you updated!