Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The day is almost here

The day is almost here

Well, it's already Wednesday on the East coast which means Tina and Paul's wedding is only 3 days away. I am so incredibly excited. Although it's been extremely stressful for Tina, after this is over, this cancer thing will be a breeze.

I leave for the airport in 9 hours. I'm mostly packed and ready to hit the hay, but I really doubt there will be much sleep tonight. I think all of the details that can be dealt with on my end are handled, but it still won't stop the tape reel from playing over and over of this checklist. Was this done, was that done? Yes. No wait, I still need to call...STOP THE MADNESS! As the maid of honor, my job is to take any stress off the bride. Stress? Bring it on! I got this!

I'll post pictures as soon as I can (unlike my extremely long breaks I've been taking between posts...oops, my bad). You'll get the see the amateur party pics just as soon as I have computer access. Love you all for reading and supporting. Wedding, here we come!

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