Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The recent MD Anderson visit

As per usual, the trip was great. I miss mom and Tina both so much in between visits and I wish they weren't trip that are just a couple of days at a time.

Tina and I watched Goonies...well, some of it. Of course we quoted a lot of lines, "Stay to the right!" and "con las cucarachas para dos semanas sin agua y sin comida." Because they had subtitles, that's how I learned my first Spanish words. We also visited our parents' house which is currently on the market. It was strange to see it empty. Then we visited my mom's friend Kimberly. Sadly, that was about it; then they were off to Houston again. Luckily, the wedding is just around the corner.

The doctors performed tests at MD Anderson. The results were not what we were hoping for. For some reason, they haven't found a chemotherapy/drug that seems to work on Tina's bones, brain, and organs all at the same time. They seem to be one or another. The most recent bone scan showed no major change in the cancer in her bones, although the scan was "foggy" or hard to read. The scan of the brain showed no growth. Phew! Unfortunately, the test of her organs did not yield the same results. It showed more leisions in her liver and lungs and also fluid in one of her lungs.

Obviously no one would be happy with the news, but she is looking forward the wedding and staying strong as always. She has so much to fight for and the beginning of her life together with Paul that this isn't going to keep her down. It's all about attitude...and this week, the attitude is love. If anything's going to spread, let's have it be love. The next time you say, "I love you" don't let the words just come out, pause and say it like you mean it because deep down you really do. Whether it's to a good friend that you wouldn't normally say it to and it might seem a little awkward, or to a relative that you're not that close to, or to a loved one that you tell all the time, say it like you mean it.

I love you, Tina!

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