Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hospital Trip aka Family Fun Day

Tina wasn't feeling well Friday morning; she had a little trouble breathing. Her doctor said to go to the ER. She really dislikes Freehold hospital so they drove an extra 10 minutes to Jersey Shore hospital. Her bloodwork came back high, possibly due to an infection in her lungs. They started her on IV antibiotics as a precaution before any results came in.

It's Tina's weekend with Ashley so on Saturday, they had a family fun day. Paul, Peyton, Mom, Tina and Ashley sat around playing board games and card games. You've got to make the best of the situation.

Speaking of "the situation", when I heard she was at Jersey Shore Hospital, all I could think of was a too-tanned guido with a six-pack and a stethoscope as her doctor. Nurse: "Doctor, what's the situation?" Doctor: "I AM the situation!" Laughter really is the best medicine. It really helps and doesn't make you feel all crappy like chemo. :)

The results weren't ready on Saturday and they spoke with the pulmonogist today (aka The Situation). He compared the xray from two months ago when she was in the ER the night before the wedding to the one from Friday. He said they look the same. The fluid in her lungs is not new, they just thought there was an infection this time. Mom didn't mention anything about the cultures but did say that if she had pneumonia that the doctors wouldn't be releasing her today...but they are. Tina and the family will be home soon.

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