Friday, September 24, 2010

Tina's Home in Time for Brownies and Cheese

Brownies and Cheese? Ewww, okay so maybe it's not what you think...let me go back.

Tina was released from the hospital on Monday, Sept 13. The doctors were unclear at first if Tina did have pnuemonia or not but it turns out she did. Her calcium and potassium were better so they let her go home with just an inhaler, unfortunately, no oxygen.

On Wednesday, Tina had a lot of trouble breathing in the morning so she had mom call 911 so she could get oxygen quicker than waiting until they got to the hospital. They didn't get into a room til about 11:30 pm. By 11pm on Thursday, she was tucked in bed at home resting and recouping after a family birthday party for Ashley. I can't believe it, she's 7 already! They said the party was a blast. I wish I could have been there.

Sadly, the next few days were pretty rough. She didn't have an appetite and was nauseous and vomitting. She was still having a hard time breathing. Her care manager from CTCA in Philly said to take the drive up on Monday for tests.

On Tuesday they did a CAT scan and drained almost a liter of fluid from her lungs. I didn't know it was even possible for lungs to hold that much...not that they're ever meant to hold fluid. She was sore afterwards. The nurse had her doing excercises to reexpand her lungs. My heart just goes out to her. With the breathing problems, I feel guilty calling her because if she can't breathe well, she can't talk. I also feel guilty only being able to get updates through mom instead of first hand.

She spent a lot of time resting in the hospital and came home today. She was home in time for Ashley's first Girl Scout meeting for Brownies. Tomorrow is Ashley's party at Chuck E. Cheese. See, brownies and cheese. :)

It's been a rough time recently. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers to feel better.

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  1. Love you Tina! You are in my thoughts and prayers on a regular basis! Through these tough times, God has truly blessed you with an amazing family and group of friends! I hope that your breathing problems go away quickly and don't return. ~Amy Porter