Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm in NJ on an open-ended trip to be with Tina through her hardest time yet. I left on Friday, November 5th and have been here with family from all over the country.

Tina has gotten weaker since her trip to see the doctor. They told her that they were going to stop chemo and only treat her pain and anxiety. It seems that news triggered her body's response to begin the final process. Although the family and priest have told her that it is okay for her to let go, she is not yet ready. She is fighting to stay with us.

Your prayers, as always, are welcomed and very much appreciated. If you are wondering what else you can do, I think it would be great to find a family in your area going through the same type of situation and ask how you can help them. Tina has such an amazing support system but not everyone going through these types of situations do. I'm sure that would be a gift Tina would love for you to give. She has always volunteered and been a part of clubs and support groups that she would love for you to take that spirit of hers and share it with those you can.


  1. Hey honey, I will definitely continue giving to others in her spirit. call me if you need to.

  2. my prayers are with Tina as well as the rest of the family for a safe trip to wherever Tina chooses. She knows she is loved and things will be better. may God bless you and yours. Amanda Hattaway

  3. Hello Tina

    I have recently joined a moose lodge my reason for that was because when I heard the things they do for special causes like raising money for cancer and also for shriners hospital for children it touched me I thought of you when i decided to do this my prayers and thoughts are always with have more courage then anyone i know
    you are one of gods angels and its all in his hands.. may you have peace and rest you are loved more then you will ever know all we can do is look to god for comfort and know that because of the love we have for jesus everything will be okay
    we love you tina.. from your cousin Dawn

  4. Hi....Tina is my Susan B Kuman, she got me thru so much. I wish I could blink and make it all better. But I cannot, and I cry for you and your family, and what you are going thru,but I rejoice too, because I know, that her spirit and that Tina will be running in heaven, and smiling upon us. Her suffering will be gone, and she will smile, I know that she will be with God, She is such a special person, we were inpatient last winter toghter at CTCA in Philly....Dear Heavenly Father, please, help us thru this in the living, We will miss Tina, please, comfort her family and friends, and let her run, and be free, let her be ther, to welcome us when we are ready to come home, sweet Jesus, I will miss her...Amen...

  5. I am in tears as I post this message and will be praying for Tina and her family. I had the pleasure of meeting Tina when she was planning her wedding. In an instant, I felt a connection to her postive engery. Tina is a fighting spirit and a true inspiration to everyone she met. Janine

    Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.
    Kahlil Gibran