Monday, November 1, 2010

Latest on Tina

It's been rough for Tina lately. She has been in and out of the hospital I think 7 times in the last month and a half. It's mainly been due to breathing issues. Although she does have cancer in her lungs and recently had a lot of fluid drained from them, the trouble seems to be stemming from anxiety. I can't imagine how she feels once the issue starts but I'm sure it becomes an unbreakable cycle. She can't breathe so she gets upset, the more upset she gets the more she can't breathe. Once in the ER, they usually run tests which take hours and most times they admitted her. It takes a lot out of Tina, from the transportation of getting in and out of the car/ambulance in a hurry to just the stress of the whole situation.

On her last visit to CTCA in Philly, she had a meeting with the doctor. Due to the tumors in her liver, she has become jaundice. To aleviate some of the strain on her liver to filter out medication, they have taken her off some of the supplements.

I've planned a trip to NJ this coming Friday. I'm really looking forward to seeing Tina.

Family and friends always ask, "Is there anything I can do to help?" We all feel helpless in this situation. There are a few people who have in the past brought over food so mom can spend more time with Tina and less time at the stove. It's easy, yet expensive, to order in or get take out. I think it's important for them to eat home-cooked meals and have some normalcy. I asked mom if she would like people to bring over food and she welcomed the help from people in the area. Nothing fancy but if you're making a meatloaf, just make one more and bring it by the next day. If you're interested in cooking for them, please get in touch with my mom as to the best time when they'd be home. I can't promise that Tina would be up for company but the gesture alone would mean so much to her so she can have more time with mom by her side. If you need mom's contact information, email me: Thank you all for your support!

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