Monday, August 24, 2009

Status Update (Boy that sounds impersonal)

I feel as though I have no creative synapses today so I'll give it to you straight. Today, Tina had an MRI done to look closer at her back. She's been having more pain there than usual so the doctors want to check , should get results on Wednesday.

Although there are many days that are either trips to the hospital or simply lying around the house, recently Tina's told me about more frequent outings. Ones that don't include needles, chemo drips or radiation.

Tina, Ashley, Paul, and Paul's daughter, Payton, ventured out to the boardwalk. They all went on some rides. She says it makes her feel normal again. That makes me want to cry.

She's gone to see Paul's band and has been visiting the pool. My my took the most adorable videos of Ashley at the pool. She has become quite the little fish, even jumping off the high dive; that's Ashley, not Tina. :)

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