Sunday, September 6, 2009

Update by Tina

This was written by Tina last week. It got lost in my email...stupid spam.

Last lumbar MRI was 9/22/08 and is how we found the cancer. There are new lesions since last September but none appear to be new new, there have been things that have shown up on the PET scans. There is a healed or healing compression fracture in my lumbar vertebrae which has caused some shortening of the lumbar spine. In addition to the lesions in the thoracic spine, I also have some bulging discs which have nothing to do with the cancer.

It does not appear that anything is impinging on any nerves or the spinal cord, but I am experiencing some occasional burning sensations in my lower left back next to the spine and some weakness in the right leg.

I am going back to the orthopedic oncologist on Sept 14th to check the hip and shoulder. I will have him review my new MRIs. If the symptoms are worse and he deals with the back, I will get his opinion. If he doesn't deal with the back, they will send me to a neurologist.

I am walking better and speaking better, but I am very tired in the afternoons. My hands have started peeling which is a side effect of the Xeloda and I am having almost daily stomach pains in the afternoon but we don't know what that is from.

Overall, I feel good, but I never know what each day will bring. I guess we're good as long as it brings another day. Ashley starts school next week and I can't wait to WALK her to the bus stop for the first time.

I am having some issues with the online school thing. Perhaps too much too soon. Too late to drop out and a lot to catch up on.



  1. It is possible that the xeloda is causing the stomch pains. I know it definately causes GI upset.

    I feel for you about not being able to walk to the busstop. I know you will make the best of it for your daughter & find a way to have some special first day of school moments before she heads out the door.

    If it turns out that the online classes really aren't going to work out, you can decide to just learn as much as you can for now - get what you can out of it...or if it is causing more stress and fatigue than is worth it, you can set it aside for now. Either way is ok...I know it's not your first choice, but it will work out.

    I wish you luck on the 14th. I am set to go back on the 16th.
    Love, Jennifer

  2. You should ask for a medical withdrawal and get a refund. Many schools offer this if you have documentation. Miss you.