Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update from Tina Before her Flight to Texas

Tina should be taking off in about two hours or so. She posted a comment on Facebook:

"Ugh, I am sick today and I have to get on a plane. Called the doctor and waiting to hear back.
Still dealing with yesterday. Had a brain MRI, not sure of results yet. Legs are weak and they may never be the same. They want to put me on another chemo that will cause me to lose my hair again. It wasn't so hard the first time, but I am devastated this time. I just want to get married with my own hair. I know it is superficial, but it really hurts. I am seeing a neurosurgeon on 10/15. I don't know what to expect anymore or what to hope for. I hadn't been aware until yesterday that I have tumor in my spinal cord, I thought it was just my bones. It's gonna be a tough day."

I break down every time I hear things like this. I hope the trip down here will raise her spirits some. We are going to a comedy show Saturday night and she gets to see a high school friend while in town. Please continue to pray for her, not just her physcial healing but for her spirit as well.

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