Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fender Bender

With everything that's happened, hasn't Tina had enough? On Wednesday, October 28, Tina and my mom were driving to her hospital, CTCA, for one of her usual appointments of either pain management, physical therapy, or acupuncture. She goes so often, I don't know what was scheduled on that day.

On the way to the hospital, they were rear-ended. Tina felt immediate pain in her good shoulder. They went to the ER for x-rays and thankfully, everything looked okay. They just knew they were in store for major soreness over the next few days. Because ERs are full of sick people and Tina is immune deficient from all of the chemo, radiation, and the cancer itself, it was best to get her in and out as fast as possible while donning a very stylish flu mask. She also needed to get to CTCA for her scheduled appointments there and then get over to the Temple University Hospital. She had an appointment there to do a test on her nerves, an EMG. They poked and prodded her with needles which included electric shocks. Ugh, just typing that makes me angry that my sister has to go through that.

Because her appointments got pushed back, they were going to be in Philly until late in the evening and were supposed to be back the next day. They decided to stay over in a hotel. Initially not having plans to stay the night, they had to get the essentials at Target, spending well over $100 between those goods and the hotel. Things keep piling up.

Three hospitals and a car accident in one day while suffering with nausea from chemotherapy. Tina deserves a medal, or a trophy, or a plaque. Nah, I'll settle for a million dollars.

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  1. It has definitely been a crazy week. My soreness is starting to subside. Tina still has some aches and is having issues with her left leg now. May need another MRI on her back to see if the accident has effected the bulging dics in her back. We will get the results this week.