Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We have been raising money for several different things for Tina. She had the chairlift installed last Saturday, both of them actually; one for the short steps, then another for the 90 degree turn in the staircase. She says she feels independent again. That's so great to hear. The best thing about it is...THE COUNTY PAID FOR IT! She still needs a new wheelchair and walker. Her health insurance is about to skyrocket to an astounding $1300 a month, on top of $400 in hospital bills, $200 in prescriptions every month while still paying her mortgage, bills and taking care of her daughter Ashley. Not to mention, my mom who is her caretaker has been unemployed since April. (Hmm, that makes me wonder. Why do people say "not to mention", then mention something?)

So last Friday was Beers for Boobs at TGI Fridays in Freehold, NJ. What a turnout!! Unfortunately since I'm in Texas, I was unable to attend, but I heard there were over 100 people there! That is amazing support. I will have a link to an album very shortly. There were a few different people taking pictures so I'm trying to compile them all. Tina looks fabulous!

I'm hoping this Thursday is the biggest turnout for Hope for Tina in Austin, TX yet. Every Thursday in November, even Thanksgiving, Pluckers Wing Bar on Burnet Rd and in Round Rock is donating 20% of customers' checks to Tina as long as they mention her name. The turnout has been somewhat poor, but I'm hoping this week there will be lines out the door to support her. If you're in Austin, please head to Pluckers, help out my sister, and enjoy great food at the same time...mmm wings.


  1. Beers for boobs was absolutely wonderful!! I was so happy to meet everyone , so sorry that youre in texas, wouldve loved to say hello! Tina looked fabulous & her ring is gorgeous! Hope you are all doing well! Tons of people keep asking how she is doing so its good to know! Also, if anyone reads these comments, please check out this link: http://www.facebook.com/#/group.php?v=wall&gid=179503101683
    it leads you to another link where you can order tupperware. If you purchase, a generous portion goes to tina. Much thanks to Annmarie for putting that together.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you !

  2. I am so glad that the fundraisers have been going so well! I love the pictures, and Tina, you look amazing! Gorgeous!

    I will be at the center tomorrow. I don't know how we have been managing to miss each other the last couple of visits...but if you are there I will keep my eyes open for you as usual!
    Hoep to see you soon & that you are feeling well!
    Love to your Mom & Ashley & your FIANCE'!!!
    Love, Jennifer